15 deputy spots converting to civilian positions

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By Daniel Laverty

The Jeffco Sheriff’s Detention Services Division is converting 15 deputy positions assigned to the county jail into 15 civilian detention specialists.

“These are not new positions. We are short-staffed and having to pay overtime to deputies to fill vacant positions,” said Division Chief Patricia Mundell. 

Mundell said the move will reduce overtime and get the needed positions filled faster. Detention specialists are uniformed civilians who work at the county jail but have limited contact with inmates. They are not sworn sheriff’s deputies.

Along with helping the jail’s staffing issues, the conversion will have a positive financial effect. 

A detention specialist annually earns $51,782 including benefits, compared to an entry-level deputy, who earns $64,851 with benefits. By converting the positions from deputies to detention specialists, the county will save $196,035 annually.

“Along with the costs savings, there’s also a time savings,” Mundell said. “Our detention specialist training is eight to 10 weeks, and a deputy sheriff’s training is 32 weeks.”


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