All that jazz - and more

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Brother-sister team brings the sultry ambience of a blues club to South Jeffco

By AJ Vicens

The term “blues club” conjures images of a smoky bar tucked into an eclectic street in the heart of a big city. But the Blue Moo'd Lounge is hoping to bring that same ambience to South Jeffco.  Brother-sister team Tim and Terrie Bentley opened the bar and restaurant a few months ago, and the siblings are aiming to fill what they see as a jazz/blues void in the area.  "This place is for the neighborhood folks that don't want to go downtown," Terrie Bentley said. "This is a neighborhood bar, but just more of an upscale place with lots of jazz. This area needed something other than pizza and Chinese to deliver."   The Bentleys’ parents owned a bar in Maryland where they grew up, so they didn’t have any illusions about what it would be like to own their own place.  "It definitely lets you know what you're getting into — long hours and no social life except for the people you know from the bar," Terrie said between waiting on a pair of customers at a table and a customer at the bar.  The restaurant is named in honor of their late parents. “Blue” represents their father, who spent time working as a police officer. They called their mother “Mama Moo Cow.”  The Bentleys have devoted a "Wall of Honor" to their parents; it holds a picture of the elder Bentleys with President John F. Kennedy. The wall also features photos of GIs put up by employees and customers, who are encouraged to bring photos of military or law enforcement officers they know.  The restaurant has more than 5,200 square feet and can seat 170 people between the patio out back and the seating area inside. A spacious stage is in one corner, and there’s also a dance floor.  The bar employs a staff of 20 and offers a full menu, as well as delivery.  Terrie Bentley cooks the lasagna and chicken tortilla soup, and most of the menu is prepared fresh daily. A full drink menu is available, including wine, champagne and cocktails, along with 39 specialty shots.  Terrie also acts as the restaurant's booking agent, and has jazz, blues, acoustic and bluegrass acts lined up into 2010. Denver jazz and blues star Hazel Miller performed at the grand opening in August, and she’ll also appear Nov. 13 and Dec. 4.   The fourth Monday of every month features an 18-piece swing band called Zing that fills the place with a crowd that loves to dance. There's a $5 cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights, which feature live music. New Year’s Eve will have a $10 cover. Terrie and her brother are having fun, and they're proud that their restaurant offers South Jeffco residents something different. They hope it will become a destination for jazz and blues lovers from throughout the Denver area.  "This is not just some corporate place," Terrie Bentley said. "I would say it's a mom-and-pop, but it's really a brother-and-sister show."    Contact the Columbine Courier news desk at emile@evergreenco.com.     

The Blue Moo'd Lounge is at 5950 S. Platte Canyon Road, on the southeast corner of West Bowles Avenue and Platte Canyon. The phone number is 303-795-3350; visit www.bluemoodlounge.com for menus and a music calendar.