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Time to go for Colorow temp building

By Emile Hallez

Question: What happened to the temporary classroom building on the west side of Colorow Elementary? Is the school planning new construction?

 Answer: The old temp building, which was likely built shortly after World War II, was simply in disrepair and was demolished. During a routine inspection, school personnel noticed the building had a severely damaged roof, and concerns were raised about the structure’s ability to withstand heavy snowfall.

Most recently the building, a double-length temp that actually contained two separate classrooms, was used for band and orchestra classes. Space was ample in the main building for the classes, and safety issues prompted the staff to move classes from the temporary structure.

“We haven’t used it for classroom usage for quite a while,” said principal Sanch Burch. “Because of its age, it would have been cost-prohibitive to try to move it or repair it. … We just wanted to do what was best and safest for kids.”

Temporary buildings were brought to the school at a time when enrollment exceeded the main building’s capacity. The student body has waned in recent years, decreasing the need for additional space outside the school, which was constructed in 1977, Burch said.

The building’s removal seems to have increased aesthetic appeal, if nothing else.

“Our view has gotten better,” Burch said of the view of the mountains from the school’s west windows now that the temp building is gone.

Despite the timing of the building’s removal, Burch said it has nothing to do with Jeffco Public Schools’ recent budget cuts. A major source of upcoming cuts will come in facilities funding, a hot topic throughout the district. Temporary buildings, which tend to have high operation and maintenance costs, could be removed or demolished at a number of schools.

 “The timing is rather coincidental,” Burch said.  

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