Back to the drawing board for Broadstone

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New proposal sent to planning board for recommendation

By Ramsey Scott

Littleton’s City Council has sent the controversial Broadstone at Littleton Station development back to the planning board for reconsideration after the developer offered to reduce the size of the project. 

The council decided 6-1 to hold off on a final vote after the developer, Alliance Residential Co., offered modifications to its proposed development just hours before the meeting. Councilman Jerry Valdes voted no because he said he wanted the council to proceed and if Alliance wanted to make changes, it could bring them before the council at a later date.

Last month, the planning board voted 7-0 against the development. 

The new plan for the 4.5 acres at the southwest corner of South Bemis Street and Littleton Boulevard would call for a 225-unit apartment building with a maximum height of four stories. The original plan called for a 250-unit apartment complex with a maximum height of six stories. 

The buildings also would be set back 15 feet from Littleton Boulevard, five feet more than the original proposal. The changes would reduce the density of the project from 56 units per acre to 50 units per acre. 

Much of the concern from neighbors of the project stemmed from the density of the project along with the height, which they believed would tower over current residents around the development site. More than 75 people had packed in to the meeting July 30, most to express their objection to the development. 

The crowd met the news of the postponement with clapping and several shouts of approval. 

The proposal now goes to the planning board on Aug. 26 and will come back to the city council for a final vote on Sept. 3. As of press time, the city was still waiting for the final written changes to be sent by Alliance to the city.

Alliance’s managing director Andy Clay said the changes were made based off suggestions from a group of people in the neighborhood who wanted to support the project if its scope was reduced. 

“In general, it’s probably helpful for staff and city council to have a chance to consider this,” Clay said.

Clay said he had to get approval from the project’s investors before any major changes could be made, which accounted for the changes being submitted at the last minute

Littleton’s Community Development Director Glen Van Nimwegen said the city’s planning department had yet to analyze the changes. 

“It will be a new building elevation for the planning board to look at,” Van Nimwegen said. “That was one of their principal concerns, was that view of the west of the building and that’s been reduced. Certainly from a staff standpoint, I would like to get (the planning board’s) input on it again.” 


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