Bobcat battles way back to health, is released

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By AJ Vicens

Seven months after being hit by a vehicle on C-470, a bobcat has battled her way back to health and been released back into the wild.

The bobcat was one of two crossing C-470 just north of the Morrison exit the morning of Sept. 23, 2008. Both were struck by at least one car, killing one and severely injuring the other.

The surviving bobcat was taken to Deer Creek Animal Hospital, where she went into immediate surgery to repair two broken femurs. One of the bones required a screw and a pin, and the other required several wires and a pin.

Dr. Dan Brod, who treated the bobcat, was pleased with the outcome.

"While it took a little bit longer than we originally thought, this is the outcome that we were all hoping for," Brod said. "The only reason we performed the surgery to begin with is because we believed she could be 100 percent and be capable of hunting and surviving without compromise in the wild. That's exactly what the team of caregivers has achieved."

After the initial surgery, the bobcat was taken to the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Colorado Springs. Rehabilitation is tough for several reasons; the severity of the bobcat's injuries prevented her from moving around much, but too much human contact doesn't help either.

She entered rehab weighing 7 pounds and left weighing 22, with full health and mobility.

"This was a very challenging but very rewarding experience that had a wonderful outcome," said Donna Ralph, president of the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

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