A business blooms

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Couple open florist shop in South Jeffco

By Ramsey Scott

Terri Pepper hasn’t stopped to smell the roses in 17 years. She’s been too busy cutting them.


Pepper opened her own flower shop, Autumn Flourish, with boyfriend Dan Tri after 17 years of arranging flowers and crafting corsages for other companies. Their store on the southeast corner of West Bowles Avenue and South Kipling Parkway celebrated its grand opening last week. 

“I’ve always wanted to do my own shop, but the question was when and how,” Pepper said. “I wasn’t planning on doing it this soon, but when we had this opportunity, (Tri) kept pushing and pushing me to take it. It was just too good of a thing to pass up.”

Pepper and Tri took over the location left vacant when Hendrik “Han” Deen, owner of Hendrik’s Florist, retired after 30 years. Tri said he had success in his car-painting business and wanted to help Pepper pursue her own dream.

“I hope this helps her find her place in this world,” Tri said. “She’s really good at it. She has an eye for it, for sure.”

Pepper studied horticulture in college and said she couldn’t imagine being happy in any other line of work.

“It’s just what I love doing. I’ve done office work, been a secretary — it’s not for me,” Pepper said. “You love the flowers; you love making people happy. It’s 17 years later, and I still love doing it.”

Being a florist is more difficult and time consuming than most people realize, Pepper said. She’s constantly on her feet, creating arrangements or cleaning and trimming each flower that comes into the shop.  

Yet the long hours arranging 200 centerpieces for a wedding, or making corsage after corsage for prom, is worth it when people see their vision blossom. 

“It’s fantastic to see people get so excited about their flowers; it’s great,” Pepper said. “Flowers are just so beautiful, and I know I love what I do. I really do”

Autumn Flourish is in the Kipling Place Shopping Center at 5924 S. Kipling, Unit A. The telephone number is 303-973-1526. 

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