Chargers nearly outdo themselves

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By Brian Forbes

Sports writers love to say dumb things. It’s what we do, and we get paid for it.

I’m pretty sure most writers don’t do this on purpose, although that’s just a guess.

Predictions have to made, unanswerable questions have to be answered and mountains have to be made out of mole hills — and hopefully we don’t smell too much like molasses.

So when the Chatfield boys basketball team absolutely blasted No. 2 Arapahoe 66-44 on Dec. 11, I told more than a few people, “The Chargers should put this game on DVD, because I don’t think they’ll ever play like that again.”

Fundamentally, those words are still true. But after watching the Chargers destroy perennial power Denver East 94-74 last Wednesday, I’m changing my tune.

Make that DVD a double-disc set.

The Chargers weren’t as lock-down defensively as they were against the Warriors, and they turned the ball over 26 times, but hanging 94 points on the fourth-ranked Angels and blowing up how they did is something that will live long in the brain.

Landon Vermeer scored 30 points, draining five 3-pointers. Jordan Carter scored 17 points in the first four minutes of the third quarter and finished with 24, and Trevor Wages had 18 points and 10 blocked shots — and many of them the nasty get-that-junk-out-of-my-house blocks basketball players love.

The highlight of many remains Wages’ two-handed dunk with 44 seconds left in the first quarter. The 6-foot-8 senior started from the top of the key, threw it down on two East defenders and was fouled.

I want that on a DVD.

As fun as it all was, the Chargers learned three days later they still have a lot to work on if they want to dream of a Class 5A championship. Chatfield whipped Bear Creek on Jan. 8, but then lost 73-66 to Montbello, which is coached by David Carey, the son of longtime East coach Rudy Carey.

Everyone is watching film and talking about the Chargers these days. That’s a good thing. But as tight as the 5A race appears to be so far this season, matchups, execution and coaching is going to be huge down the stretch.

To avoid saying anything dumb, I’ll pass on a prediction. But I do know the Chargers have a lot of games left to turn that highlight DVD into a box set.