Chargers sneak past Rebels

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By Lauren Gaddie-Johnson

LAKEWOOD — Before the rivalry could get underway at Jeffco Stadium on Sept. 24, the battle between Chatfield and Columbine started at Lakewood Memorial Field.

The Chargers grabbed a 2-1 victory over the Rebels on the pitch prior to the horses taking a 16-13 win on the football field later that evening.

“It’s definitely a pretty big rivalry,” Chatfield junior Logan Bailey said. “I think we expected to win because we came out strong. We did what we’re supposed to do and we succeeded.”

Bailey scored the game-winning goal in the 55th minute as he made a clean shot straight past Columbine goalie, Zach Robertson.

“I was making a run across the top of the 18 and took a touch and let it rip,” Bailey explained.

Chatfield got off to an early 1-0 start in the 10th minute when Ryan Martin scored on Cameron Mohseni’s corner kick. However, the Rebels wanted to make the game more interesting before halftime.

At the 28-minute mark, Columbine’s Luke Shepstone was granted a direct free kick about 40 yards from the goal. Chatfield goalie, Tyler Anderson, got to the ball but didn’t have it wrapped up enough as he tried to fall on the ball.

Several members of the Rebels’ team tried to get the rebound, including Shepstone, Matt Marchena and Austin Krueger, but none could get a shot. It was finally Peter Schichtel who took a shot which found the back of the net.

“The shot got caught in the keeper’s eyes because of the sun,” Schichtel said. “I didn’t even know I had it. I thought Luke got the rebound and Matt got the goal. We were all in there scrambling.”

Schichtel said that emotions were running high for the entire game because of the well-known rivalry.

“I think it pumps us up to play Chatfield,” Schichtel said. “I personally play much better when it’s a rivalry game. I think everyone on our team just tries to play aggressively and win the ball, but we just couldn’t defeat them.”