City will haul away wretched refuse from teeming garages

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By Ramsey Scott

Littleton wants to help residents rid their garages of rampant clutter.

The city’s Summer Cleanup and Recycle program offers residents free removal of large items that can’t be reused but possibly can be recycled, said senior code specialist Rebecca Thompson. 

“What we’re trying to do is help residents clean up their property,” Thompson said. “In code enforcement, we get complaints, and we inspect and have to leave notices for people to clean up their property. This is a way for the city to assist and help with that.

“The rule of thumb is, if it’s something your regular trash service will pick up for free, then we don’t pick it up. About half of what we pick up, we recycle — whether it’s metal, electronics, wood, branches or used fences.”

Residents can set up a time until the program ends in August for an appointment to have detritus picked up. The city accepts items like used electronics, unusable furniture and appliances, and old tires — but not trash. 

Thompson said if the item is something that can be reused, like a piece of furniture that’s still in good condition, the homeowner is encouraged to donate the item instead of throwing it away. 

When residents call for an appointment, someone from the city will compile a list of everything to be picked up and will detail any preparation that needs to be done, Thompson said. 

“We usually can get out within a week or two. If you have a plan to clean up the garage in middle of June, they should call the first week of June or maybe the following week,” Thompson said. “We tell people to call as soon as they know what they’ll have and when they want to have it picked up.”

The city also will help residents who are physically unable to remove items from their homes during the program, Thompson said. That service is offered on a case-by-case basis and requires earlier notification. 

For questions on what items can be removed and how to set up an appointment, call Thompson at at 303-795-3831


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