CoHOPE voting structure is no longer fair

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By The Staff

I want to respond to the recent article published in the Courier on Feb. 11, “HOA threatens to pull out of CoHOPE, form another coalition.”

First, I want to say that any statements by Wayne Hawkins, the CoHOPE representative for the Columbine West Civic Association, were taken out of context and do not represent the current position of the CWCA board. Wayne merely shared his personal opinion that if CoHOPE continued to skirt our proposed changes to the CoHOPE bylaws regarding at-large delegates, that there are CWCA board members, including myself, that would push for a CWCA board vote to pull out of CoHOPE. But I also want to state for the record that the CWCA board has not voted to leave CoHOPE. That nuclear option has been discussed but most likely will not occur.  We would prefer to stay with CoHOPE and work out our differences. However, all the CWCA board members do share a deep concern with the current direction of CoHOPE.

Over the last 10 years there has been a shift of voting power within CoHOPE. The votes have shifted from the civic association members, who represent thousands of South Jeffco homeowners, to the at-large members, who represent only themselves and not a group of homeowners. Ten at-large members— just 10 individual homeowners — control almost 40 percent of the voting power. We feel that the at-large membership process has been poorly administered by CoHOPE and has gotten out of control. The civic associations that represent thousands of homeowners should have significantly more voting power than 60 percent.

We are proposing to CoHOPE that the bylaws for admitting at-large members be amended, and that a quasi “at-large” civic association be formed for any disenfranchised homeowners, and that civic association should be allowed only two delegates, no matter the number of at-large members. This quasi at-large civic association would give those homeowners who feel they are not represented by their association a means to have representation in CoHOPE.

In addition to the above issue, we want to encourage CoHOPE to stay focused on its primary mission: being the advocate for the South Jeffco homeowner associations and assisting its member civic associations with programs to better manage their respective covenant enforcement and neighborhood programs. We want CoHOPE to not indulge in political endorsements and other political issues, which tends to create conflict within the CoHOPE organization and resentment among the civic association members.

Finally, if there have been comments and words by me or anyone that have offended people, I sincerely apologize. Both of our organizations need to put past differences aside and try to amicably resolve our differences, get this matter resolved, and move on to more important issues affecting South Jeffco.

Bob Moser is a member of the board of the Columbine West Civic Association.