Commissioners approve changes to parking regulations

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By Ramsey Scott

The county commissioners have unanimously approved several changes to parking regulations, despite some homeowners’ fears that their neighborhoods will become parking lots for recreational vehicles.

RVs can now be parked on a residential street in unincorporated Jefferson County for 28 days. Previously, an RV could be left in the same general spot for 14 days.

The change came after a resident’s suggestion as the commissioners were studying revisions to the parking rules.

But Cathy Pimm, a member of the Westridge Homeowners Association, said 14 days was long enough and expressed concern that the less-restrictive rule would lead to her neighborhood becoming a storage lot for RVs.

“Our board feels that this regulation, keeping it at 14 days, is necessary to keep our property values up and to keep the neighborhoods good,” Pimm said.

Pimm said a while the commissioners removed a requirement that two people to fill out an affidavit about an RV parked illegally, neighbors still will have to keep track of how many days a vehicle is parked in the same spot. And the increase to a 28-day limit puts more of a burden on HOAs to police their streets for violators.

Responding to a question from Commissioner Casey Tighe, representatives of the Sheriff’s Office said that, under the previous rules, an RV could be parked in one spot for 14 days, moved several feet, and then left in the new spot for another 14 days. The change allows for a maximum of 28 days in a single location.

Commissioner Don Rosier pointed out that HOAs can enact stricter parking regulations for their neighborhoods.

The changes also give the Sheriff’s Office more authority to ticket and tow abandoned trailers and to enforce rights of way on both residential and commercial streets.

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