Congrove unsure about running again

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By AJ Vicens

Jeffco Commissioner Jim Congrove is unsure whether he will run for re-election next fall, and is currently weighing various factors in making a decision he believes will come by April.

Congrove was vague on what factors will go into his decision.

“Just everything,” Congrove said in a phone interview. “If there are any factors that have anything to do with making that decision, all of them will be evaluated.”

He said that one of the factors would be whether Jefferson County Republican Party chairwoman Renee Nelson would want him to run again. Nelson did not return calls seeking comment.

Congrove described his time as commissioner so far as “interesting,” and added that he likes the job.

“You’re able to do a lot of good things for people, which is about the only concern I have: What good can we do for the people that have to deal with government?” Congrove said. He said his best experience as a commissioner is giving awards to employees and volunteers, and helping people get things accomplished with the county.

Congrove said in response to a question that he doesn’t see the Republican Party ideal of small government and limited governmental intrusion happening in Jeffco, but that he can’t really do much about it without agreement from at least one of the other two commissioners.

“Well ee you know you can do absolutely nothing unless you have two votes,” Congrove said. “You can have all kinds of feelings about doing this, or doing that, or helping this or putting money here, or taking money away from this or that, but you can do nothing unless you have two votes. If you have two commissioners who are on the same page and working toward that end, you can accomplish all kinds of things. But you have to have that second vote.”

Congrove added that as far as agreement between him and the other two commissioners on various issues, “it doesn’t happen enough.”

Congrove was elected to the commission in November 2004. Before that he served in the state legislature.

Congrove’s time as commissioner hasn’t always been smooth. Early this year, the Courier revealed that Daril Cinquanta, a friend of Congrove, was paid nearly $7,500 in county money for investigative services, most in relation to longtime county critic Mike Zinna. The revelations led to an investigation by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, which has yet to announce if it will file charges in the case.

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