Council OKs changes in development at Broadway and Dry Creek

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By Ramsey Scott

The Littleton City Council has given unanimous approval to several changes to a previously approved development plan for the long-dormant Marathon Oil site.

The Littleton Village Development had originally been approved by the council in 2006 for 77 acres on the northeast corner of South Broadway and Dry Creek Road. Yet the new developer, WIP Littleton Village LLC, wants to make changes to the overall layout and increase the density on the western portion of the property.

The property is currently under contract by WIP Littleton Village. 

The 2006 plan featured a mixed-use development of 250,000 square feet of commercial space and up to 900 residential units. 

The new proposal would not change the 250,000 square feet of commercial space. As part of the changes, the developer wants to put in a street that bisects the commercial part of the project from east to west to create a commercial “main street.” 

Originally, the plan called for a main street that entered the property from the west on Broadway and then turned toward the northeast corner of the property. 

The developer also proposed several changes to the project itself, including increasing the density of the western portion. The property consists of two major tracts of land, with the eastern tract having residential property and the western to have commercial and mixed-use zoning, which allows a mix of residential and commercial uses. 

The developer will now move some of that residential housing to the western portion of the project to increase the density, a move it sees as necessary for the project to be economically viable. Two lots, about 7.7 acres, of residential multifamily housing will be added to the western portion of the project.

The proposed change would increase the number of residential units in the western tract from 412 to 600, which is the limit for residential units in the western tract. The project still could not exceed the 900-unit cap on residential units set in 2006. 


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