Dakota Ridge has a MOD Squad

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A small group of Dakota Ridge High School upperclassmen are working together under the title of “Men of Dakota,” modeled after a similar program at the University of North Carolina and James Owen’s “Cowboy Ethics.” The eight students represent a variety of school clubs, activities, athletics and personalities who joined together this year with four staff members to create the MOD Squad (Men of Dakota Squad).
The students
Keith Wall
William Boogert
Daniel Levy
Mason Cechini
Graham Stookey
Scott Sesko
Dillon Colagrosso
Bolton Howes
The staff
Jason Casanova
Brad Kroth
Nile Smith
Brian Plautz
The mission of the Men of Dakota (MOD Squad) is to lead the student body by example, through the way we live, the way we treat one another, and the way we conduct ourselves academically, so that we may establish a learning community that promotes honor, integrity, respect, academic success and an authentic enjoyment of life.
• Live each day with courage.
• Know where to draw the line.
• Take pride in your work.
• Always finish what you start.
• Do what has to be done.
• Be fair but tough.
• Remember, you are Dakota Ridge.
• When you make a promise, keep it.
• Talk less, say more.
• Never compromise your honor and integrity.
The Men of Dakota leadership and learning community strives to:
• Address issues facing males on the Dakota Ridge campus.
• Introduce educational opportunities that promote constructive displays of masculinity.
• Explore gender socialization and its impact on male identity in relation to participant’s environment.
• Demonstrate a measureable shift in attitude toward gender equity by engaging students on multiple levels.
• Enhance the academic success of program participants.
• Offer a supportive environment to engage in critical reflection and meaningful exchanges.
• Provide opportunities for participants to explore leadership opportunities and gain leadership skills.