'Don Vito' pleads guilty to possession of cocaine; 12 other counts dismissed

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By AJ Vicens

Vincent Margera — better known as "Don Vito" from MTV's "Viva La Bam" — pleaded guilty Jan. 18 to possession of a gram of cocaine and was given probation.

The plea was part of a deal worked out between Pamela Mackey, his defense attorney, and Natalie Judson, a Jefferson County deputy district attorney, during Margera's arraignment on 12 bond-violation charges. Margera was arrested in August 2006 after he was accused of sexually assaulting three girls at the skate park at Colorado Mills Mall. He was convicted Dec. 20, 2007, of assaulting two of them, and was sentenced to time served and 10 years probation under intensive supervision. Along with that, the sentence called for Margera to register as a sex offender, complete sex offender treatment, undergo evaluations for drug and alcohol treatment and, if necessary, undergo mental health evaluation. Margera also was ordered to not play the Don Vito character for 10 years.

While he was free on bond after the initial arrest, Margera was accused of violating the bond conditions and was put back in jail.

"If you violate the probationary terms in this case and the other case ee you would face the full penalty of a (class 4) felony," said District Judge M.J. Menendez.

"He continued to play the Don Vito role for a time after his release," Mackey said before sentencing. She said the bond violations were part and parcel of the behavior that led to his sexual assault conviction. He entered treatment in November 2006 and completed a 30-day program and has not "fallen off the wagon," which she called "remarkable."

The probation deal Jan. 18 paves the way for Margera to have his intensive supervised probation from the sexual assault conviction moved to his home state of Pennsylvania, where Menendez said Margera has a vast network of family and friends that will help him stay on the right side of the law.

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