Exiled from the mall

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By The Staff

SOUTH JEFFCO — A South Jeffco man who had been banned from Southwest Plaza in March made a recent appearance at the mall, and a security guard with a sharp memory was moved to action. The offending party was sitting outside the northwest entrance of the mall, minding his own business, when the guard called the sheriff's office to have a deputy deliver a reminder about his status as a persona non grata. The man told the deputy that he thought his mall privileges had been suspended for just a year, while the mall maintained it had been three. But the deputy correctly pointed out the irrelevance of that contention, as it had been only seven months since the incident that earned him the banishment. The deputy gave him a summons for third-degree criminal trespass and a court date.

Purse lost at sea

SOUTH JEFFCO — A woman and her husband enjoyed a nice meal Nov. 20 at the Red Lobster on South Wadsworth Boulevard, but during a trip to the bar to buy a gift card, the woman’s purse was lost at sea. Her husband returned to the bar later that day and launched a search, but the purse remained adrift in the land of the lost. The restaurant's manager also failed to find the handbag, so the woman canceled all her credit cards and called the sheriff's office. The manager told the deputy who handled the case that video surveillance in the eatery is spotty and usually just covers the cash registers.