Foothills, county discuss future of Clement Park

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A master plan will look at the next 25 years

By Ramsey Scott

Clement Park isn't getting a face-lift — it's getting a whole new life. 

Currently the park, built in 1987, needs about $7 million to $8 million in repairs and upgrades, according to the Foothills Park & Recreation District. Foothills, which leases the park from Jeffco Open Space, has been in discussions with the Open Space Department about trying to figure out the best path for the park, not just for 2013 but for 2038 as well. 

Open Space Director Tom Hoby said he and Foothills Executive Director Ron Hopp have been discussing the park’s needs. 

"Taking some of the turf out of commission, doing some xeriscaping, looking at the facilities and how much they're needed, and what should we really replace in the park," Hoby said during the department's quarterly update to the Jeffco commissioners. 

The goal is to create what Hoby said was a master, or renewal, plan, for Clement Park. To facilitate that, Foothills is asking Jeffco for $24,000 to help fund a master-plan study. Hoby said the funds for the plan would come from savings on an Apex Park and Rec District project.

The study should cost about $30,000, Hopp said, and Foothills would foot the remainder of the bill. Foothills wants to reach out to stakeholders to discuss needs and community preferences. 

"We will be talking about what the next 25 years looks like, what the future vision may look like," Hopp said. "We think it's important in an effort to engage our community to determine what this park should look like for the next 25 years."

While he supported the idea of a master plan for Clement Park, County Administrator Ralph Schell was concerned that, after a study, Foothills might ask the county to fund repairs, since it owns the property.

"I don't want to see, because the county owns the property, the significant amount of the cost to maintain or bring it up to the standard it should have been brought up to by the parks and rec district is now the county responsibility," Schell said. 

If there were a major irrigation-line break and turf died, Schell said, he doesn’t want everyone pointing at everyone else to foot the bill. 

Commissioner Don Rosier said he wanted to make sure there was clear communication between the county and Foothills in the master plan about who would be responsible for what in the park. 


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