Foothills Rec still offering free classes

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By Ramsey Scott

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are times for celebration, family and food. A lot of food.

All those gastronomic good times can knock any workout plan off track and wreak havoc on any waistline. Which is why so many new year’s resolutions contain the word “exercise.”

“We know everybody at the first of the year is thinking about getting into better health,” said Tami Adams, fitness and wellness supervisor for the Foothills Park & Recreation District. “One of the first things you should do is start by setting smart goals.”

To help with getting a new exercise program off on the right foot, Foothills Park and Rec is offering Fitness Frenzy, two weeks of free classes, starting Jan. 7 and ending Jan. 18. The classes, ranging from weightlifting to “Bollywood” dancing, are open to people who live in and outside the district, and no sign-up is needed.

Adams said the district is offering the classes to let area residents find activities that they love without committing to several weeks of classes or buying a pass. And finding an enjoyable activity is key to a successful exercise plan.

“We’re really relaxed here. We take the fear factor out of working out,” she said.

Too many exercise plans fall victim to unrealistic goals and are given up before spring flowers bloom. To help, the district is offering free fitness assessments to gauge what condition you’re in.

“The tests give them a realistic point of where they’re starting from and some real, achievable goals,” Adams said. The most important thing is to be realistic and find something that fits your life.

“You want to make changes that fit your lifestyle and make them work. Find a time when you’re free, and find things around that,” she said.

The most important thing is to find an acitivity that you enjoy enough to stick with for more than a month, Adams said. Aspiring athletes shouldn’t overload themselves.

“I think sometimes it’s not so much a matter of trying everything and all these new things — it’s trying one thing at a time, finding what you enjoy and sticking with it,” Adams said.

Classes are available at Rhe Peak Wellness Center, The Ridge Recreation Center and the Lilly Gulch Recreation Center. For a list of offerings, visit the “events” page at the Foothills website,
www.ifoothills.org, or call one of the rec centers.  
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