Green Bay: Just get me away

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By Dan Johnson

I’m tired.

Part of my admitted malaise is without question tied to my impending move, which as those of you who have purchased a home recently can attest to, is not without it’s share of headaches.

But the thing that has me worn out above and beyond the trials of moving is the Brett Favre saga.

Frankly, I’m sick of the whole thing.

After two months of jaw-jacking and ultimatums on both sides, the situation came to the most obvious conclusion: Brett Favre is again an active member of the Green Bay Packers.

Anyone with half a brain could’ve seen this coming when Favre retired in March. By retiring so early in the off-season, Favre left himself a large enough window to change his mind — which he predictably did in June.

The only plot twist was the Packers didn’t welcome their Golden Boy back with open arms. In fact, they resigned themselves to move on from Favre with his backup, Aaron Rodgers.

I applauded Green Bay for finally standing up to Favre and showing him that he can’t pull the strings on the organization year after year. Remember, Favre had waffled on returning/retiring the previous two seasons.

After weeks of name-calling and mudslinging, and a push from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Favre is now back in Green Bay competing for his old job (Update: after this column was initially edited, Favre has left Green Bay’s training camp and is awaiting a trade to another team. The saga continues ...)

Trust me, I understand why this has been a big story. Favre is one of the NFL’s all-time greatest players (and perhaps it’s most overrated, if that makes sense), and his returning to the game is a big deal.

But enough is enough. I’m tired of Favre being the only story. Last time I checked, there were 32 teams in the NFL. I’d like to hear what’s going on with those teams.

Oh, and let us not forget the team that by and large has been the most ignored this off-season: The New York Giants. Remember them? They did win the Super Bowl last year, but aside from Michael Strahan’s retirement and the Jeremy Shockey trade, you wouldn’t know that the Giants even played in the NFL.

As a lifelong Giants fan, I hope everything comes full circle and the Giants defeat Favre and the Packers (again) in the playoffs.

Maybe this time Favre will stick with his decision when the Giants send him home.