Hartman to serve as county board chair

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By Emile Hallez

  County Commissioner Kathy Hartman was elected Tuesday to chair the Board of County Commissioners.

Commissioner Faye Griffin voted last Tuesday in favor of Hartman, who served in the position prior to former board chair Commissioner Kevin McCasky.

“Being chairman means you spend an extra 30 minutes signing documents, and you still only have one vote,” Hartman said. “I have plenty to do already, but I think it’s better for staff.”

McCasky did not express a desire to give up his seat as chair, despite voting for Hartman at the public hearing.

“I don’t really have any thoughts,” he said in response to a question about Hartman’s new position. “She’s been chairman before.”

Despite the change, McCasky said he hopes the board can more forward and function just as it had before.

As chair, Hartman will be responsible for supervising County Attorney Ellen Wakeman and County Administrator Ralph Schell in their positions. Hartman will also be responsible for chairing meetings and speaking on behalf of the board at some public events.

“I just think rotating it is healthier. … If that person stays the same, it leaves a slant on that organization,” she said of the change in responsibility. “I would have preferred Faye to be chair, but I understand she really does not want to do that.”

Being chair means that Hartman will not make motions at meetings, in most cases, she said, noting that aspect of the position may be frustrating.

Still, “I think that change and rotation in leadership is good,” she said.


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