High school students have a go at government

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Youth in Government Day set for Sept. 26

By Ramsey Scott

The Littleton City Council is giving high school students in Littleton Public Schools a chance to run things for a day.

Youth in Government Day, Sept. 26, will give 20 to 25 students in grades 9 through 12 a chance to learn how city government functions and come up with their own solutions for problems that many city governments face.

“All of the kids who attend the event will have the opportunity to create a project using the information they learn during the event,” said Mark Decker, the teen librarian at Bemis Library and a member of the Youth in Government committee. “The kids have complete creative control on what kind of project they create, as long as they fulfill the overall goal of the project,” Decker said.

The teens will have a chance to interview representatives of city departments at the event about the problem they’re trying to solve and to ask questions about what possible solutions might work.

The students will then have a few weeks to work on the problem before handing over their proposals to Decker and the rest of the committee. Once the projects are completed, the committee will review them and vote on the top solutions.

The students with the best solutions will receive scholarships that have been sponsored by the city of Littleton.

“The amount of the scholarship depends on the both the quality of the projects and the number of quality projects submitted,” Decker said. “Last year we awarded a total of four scholarships. I’m blanking on the exact amount we awarded, but it was around $4,000 total.”

If any student enrolled at a high school in the Littleton Public Schools system wishes to apply, e-mail Decker for more information at mdecker@littletongov.org.

“We’re going to send registration information to all of the kids on our contact lists and allow them to self-register on line,” Decker said. “We’re going to do a first-come, first-served type of approach, although the schools/teachers will have some input as well.”


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