How to hit longer drives

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By The Staff

Everyone knows the frustration of starting a hole with a poor drive. It can not only get you into the rough and make your second shot tougher, but hitting into a hazard on your tee shot is detrimental to your score. With a little focus on these fundamentals, you can turn in more consistent scores by starting each hole off on the right foot.

There are a couple of things to pay attention to that will help you hit your drives consistently longer and straighter. 

The first is your ball position. Since the ball is on a tee, it should be positioned evenly with your left heel (for a right-handed golfer). This allows you to contact the ball on a slight upswing, which is ideal for the driver. In your set-up, 60 percent of your weight should be distributed to your right side, away from your target, allowing you to make a full weight transfer. Starting your weight on your back leg will help in achieving a weight transfer that ends with a balanced finish on your left side. 

Also, having your feet, knees and shoulders lined up to the target ensures that you will be able to create a proper swing path.

The swing path that is needed for a driver is inside-out, which helps you swing around your body. With a long club like the driver, it is important to remember to swing around your body. When the swing becomes too vertical it can cause a faulty swing path, outside-in, which creates too much spin and a weak slice.

It is also important to square up the clubface at impact as you are rotating your body. To ensure the clubface is square at impact, position your right forearm so it feels as though it’s over the top of your left forearm.

Take this tip to your next practice session and then to the course to get those drives longer and straighter down the fairway.

Josh Miller is a Class A PGA member and a graduate of New Mexico State University’s Professional Golf Management Program. Miller takes an individualized approach to teaching golf, knowing that everyone’s body and experience level is different. He builds upon these to teach the fundamentals, while building a consistent golf swing that any student can confidently take to the golf course. He can be contacted by phone at 720-234-3560 or by e-mail jgmiller@pga.com.