Independent commission candidate seeks changes

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Standley wants evening meetings, overhauled planning rules

By Daniel Laverty

Independent county commission candidate Greg Standley wants to see some changes — more-accessible commissioners, more-understandable planning rules, and more options for discarding slash.

The Morrison resident said he was motivated to run for commissioner after negative experiences with Jeffco Planning and Zoning while trying to make improvements to his property.

“Zoning resolutions need to be rewritten so they can be understood,” he said. 

Standley, who is running against incumbent Republican Don Rosier and Democrat John Flerlage in District 3, also believes the commissioners should meet at a time more convenient for their constituents.

“Commissioners should more accessible to the public,” Standley said. “540,000 people live in this county, and sometimes I’m the only one who shows up to these Tuesday meetings.” 

“I’ve been unaffiliated for a number of years now,” Standley said. “(Commissioners) shouldn’t be partisan.”

Standley is currently a quality specialist and mediator for MillerCoors in Golden. He and his family have lived in Morrison for more than 28 years.

“I have 14-plus years experience in resolving disputes and finding collaborative ways to resolve problems,” he said. 

If elected, the first thing Standley would like to change is when the commissioners meet. The Jeffco commissioners convene at 8 a.m. every Tuesday for a weekly business meeting. Public comment is welcome at those meetings.

“No one shows up to these meetings,” Standley said. “We need to change the meeting times to at night so the public can actually have the chance to speak to whom they elected.”


Wildfire mitigation

Standley also said he wants to look at cost-effective and convenient ways for mountain residents to conduct fire mitigation on their properties. He said slash removal has been difficult since the Rooney Road Recycling Center stopped accepting slash in October 2012.

“Now you just have a huge pile of slash on your property and wait until one of the remote drop-off days,” Standley said. “There’s got to be a better way.”

Standley, recognizing that District 3 covers mountainous and suburban areas of Jeffco, said the entire county is affected by wildfire.

“Any taxpayer suffers when there’s a wildfire,” he said. “Wherever you live in Jefferson County, we all suffer from smoke inhalation, damage to property, rising insurance rates. We have to have better mitigation efforts.”


Jeffco 5

Standley said he was opposed to the failed Jeffco 5 movement, which would have increased the number of county commissioners from three to five.

“The biggest thing is that it would grow government, and I don’t want to grow government,” Standley said. “It’s also not good for the county’s budget.”

He said representation doesn’t need to increase at the county level because many Jeffco residents also are represented by city councils.

“Most residents live in Lakewood or Littleton or other cities,” Standley said. “They are going there for their permits and licenses.”

The Jeffco 5 movement failed to gather enough petition signatures to make the November ballot. Even though he disagreed with the proposal, Standley said he signed the Jeffco 5 petition.

“I signed it because, regardless how I feel about it, it should still be up to the people to vote on it,” Standley said. 


Other issues

Jeffco has assigned a marijuana task force to look at the possibility of medicinal and recreational marijuana sales in unincorporated parts of the county.

“Colorado voters spoke that they wanted this. My first thought (about marijuana use) is, it’s just like beer or liquor; it’s all about responsible use,” Standley said, adding that he’s interested in the committee’s findings.

When it comes to funding the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office, Standley said he wants deputies earning top dollar.

“You look at our deputies leaving. Look at the lawsuit our deputies had against the county,” Standley said. “We need to look at why they are leaving. Is it lack of pay, or is it something else?” 


'I love Jeffco'

“Jefferson County is not broken,” Standley said. “I love Jeffco. It’s a great place to live and work. I want to make improvements so it becomes an even nicer place to live and do business.”

District 3 covers the southern part of the county, including Conifer, Evergreen, Morrison and Littleton.

The election is Nov. 4.


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