Is it time already?

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By Dan Johnson

Where o where did our summer go?

In just eight short days, most kids in the Jefferson County school district will report back to school. Is it just me or does that seem entirely too early?

Back in my day, school didn’t start until after Labor Day. Granted, we were also in school until the third week of June, but there’s something about having to start school in the middle of August that just doesn’t feel right.

And if you think the Jefferson County schedule is rough, just think what those in the Aurora district are going through. They’ve already been through a week of classes!

Summer seemed so much longer then when you had 10 or so days in June and the entire months of July and August to run around and do whatever you pleased. And then, the summer break would also bleed a little into September and school would begin. By that point, you were ready to learn.

I can’t imagine being in a classroom right now with the weather still in the 90’s and the sun blazing outside.

I also can’t imagine having to get myself ready for fall sports right now, as most local athletes are doing. On Aug. 17, fall practice officially begins for the fall sports and boys golf, which began practicing this week, has its first tournament of the new school calendar year.

I’m sure most student-athletes wish their summer was longer. It seems the days of the care-free summers are over. Replacing those breezy summer days are summers now full of mental and physical preparation for not only school, but one’s sport of choice as well.

Athletes need to make sure they are in the weight room and doing sport-specific drills to keep their bodies sharp. All students now typically carry around summer reading lists and have to finish a certain number of books before reporting to class.

I get the idea behind the workouts and reading lists, but to me, it all seems too regimented.

Why not just encourage kids to read books of their own choosing and let them figure out what type, and how much, physical activity they want to engage in?

According to the school calendar, summer is over. Too bad it doesn’t feel that way.