It's my party, and I'll call the cops if I want to

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By The Staff

SOUTH JEFFCO — A South Jeffco man learned a quick lesson in the perils of drinking and crashing a party July 3: He was accused of breaking and entering. The man said that he got off work and went to a bar to meet some friends. One of those friends then drove him to a house where a party supposedly was taking place. The party seeker walked into the garage and then into the home, but before he could grab a beer from the fridge, an occupant of the home confronted him. The intruder apologized and told the man he must have walked into the wrong house. A deputy who had been summoned noted that the home was actually quite similar in appearance to the house where the actual party was taking place. The homeowners decided not to press charges, but they did inquire where, exactly, the party was taking place.

Hold the anchovies, and get lost

SOUTH JEFFCO — A woman called the sheriff's office July 8 to report a suspicious man selling meat and pizza door to door. The woman was pulling her car out of the garage and noticed a man standing at her front door. He identified himself with just his first name and said he was selling "meat and pizza." He asked her if he could join her in the garage so he could keep his pizza out of the sun, but she declined. The man then showed her the 20 cartons of meat in the back of his white Ford truck. Still not tempted to buy, she sent the unusual salesman on his way and called the sheriff, asking that a deputy deliver himself to her address in less than 30 minutes. The salesman was never located, but the deputy had a craving for pepperoni and mushrooms for the rest of the day.