Jeffco boosts fines for failing to get dog license

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By Ramsey Scott

The cost for not getting Fido a license just went up in Jeffco.

Dog owners who don’t obtain a license within 30 days of adopting a canine will now be subject to a $100 fine instead of $50. The next time they’re caught, a $200 ticket will be issued, with an additional $100 for each ticket after that. 

The increases were approved by the Jeffco commissioners on June 11. 

The higher fines mean it’s now more expensive to get a ticket for not having a dog license than to buy the license to begin with. The cost of a license in Jeffco is $90, which is $40 more than the original fine for having an unlicensed dog. 

Along with making it more expensive to skip getting a dog license, the commissioners approved an increase in the fine for not picking up after your pooch. If an owner fails to scoop, the fine has been increased to $50 from $30. A second offense will now bring a $100 fine, with each additional offense adding $50 to the ticket.  

The maximum penalty for either violation would be $1,000.

Another change in the ordinances requires all animal bites among livestock or pets and wildlife to be reported to the county within 24 hours. Any owner or veterinarian who doesn’t report a bite would be committing a class 2 petty offense. 

The reason for requiring the reporting of such bites is an increase in the number of rabies cases in livestock along the Front Range, said Deputy County Administrator Kate Newman.