Jeffco parking laws target trailers, RVs

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By Ramsey Scott

Jeffco parking ordinances applying to recreational vehicles and trailers would be made stricter under changes sought by the Sheriff’s Office. 

The sheriff is asking the county commissioners to make it easier for his office to tow some vehicles in the event of parking violations.

The first change would allow the Sheriff’s Office to tow a trailer if it meets the criteria for being an abandoned vehicle — meaning it has been parked for 14 days in the same spot on a street in unincorporated Jeffco. 

The sheriff also wants to remove a requirement for a right-of-way to be posted on a street before a parked vehicle can be towed. The Sheriff’s Office said the county can’t afford to install signs on every right-of-way. A notice would be placed on a vehicle in violation giving the owner 48 hours to move it before a tow truck responds. 

Concerns were raised at the Dec. 11 commissioners meeting about what the changes would mean for RV owners in unincorporated Jeffco. Currently, an RV is permitted to be parked on a county road for only two weeks out of the year.

Resident Robert Burnett asked the commissioners to consider expanding the amount of time an RV can be parked on a road to 28 days in a year, and no more than 14 days within a month.

The sheriff is also seeking to eliminate the ordinance that requires a car to be moved from a spot for at least eight hours in a 14-day period. 

But the definition of “moved” is too vague, according to the sheriff — does it mean moving the vehicle a block or a foot? 

Also the sheriff is seeking authority to enforce parking along commercial rights of way. Currently, the statutes apply only to residential areas. 

The changes will be up for first reading at the Dec. 18 county commissioners meeting.

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