Ken Caryl Middle School teacher profile: David Lee

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Thinking outside the cubicle

By Emile Hallez

  Physical education teacher David Lee isn’t crazy about cubicles.

“I couldn’t sit behind a desk and work,” said the third-year teacher at Ken Caryl Middle School.

The burly coach is far more comfortable under the harsh glow of gymnasium lights.

“We’re always in here shooting baskets and playing around after school,” Lee said as he tossed a football back and forth with a student.

It was no surprise that Lee ended up as an educator. If humans had a teaching gene, he would surely possess it.

“It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do,” he said. “Both my parents are teachers. My brother’s a teacher. My wife’s a teacher. My sister-in-law’s a teacher. … I kind of grew up teaching.”

The perks of the job, as many at Ken Caryl faculty would agree, are the opportunities to train young minds, said Lee, who previously worked at an elementary school.

“They’re still kids, but you can talk to them,” he said. “I like working with all these kids, day in, day out. Most of the time they’re pretty good. They can be challenging at times, but I think that’s what I like the most.”


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