Legislative session is about setting priorities

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By The Staff

As we enter 2009, all eyes are focused on the economy. Families and businesses are looking for ways to save money and to be more efficient in these challenging days.

During these times it is important for our state leaders, as well, to demonstrate the prudent leadership that reflects our priorities. One of the ways of doing this is to limit the 2009 Legislative session to 90 days.

House Minority Leader Mike May has called for this as a priority, I support his leadership reflected in this challenge. Unprecedented times, call for unprecedented action. What better way for the legislature, with its 100 leaders, to show discipline and sensitivity to the days in which we live than to say we will do our part to be a more efficient and effective legislative body during this upcoming session.

All too often government constrains itself and exercises discipline when forced by outside influences. The severity of the budget cuts in part are due to that fact that the democrat-led legislature has refused to exercise the fiscal discipline needed to mitigate the impact of an economic downturn through the establishment of an adequate reserve, or “rainy day” fund.

Why not do something that shows sensitivity to the environment of the rest of the state, where families and businesses are taking a hard look at budgets and schedules and evaluating decisions and trade-offs that will save time and money. I believe a shortened legislative session that focuses on moving Colorado forward with vision and energy that creates jobs and addresses to most important issues is a wise move.

Ken Summers is the state representative for District 22.