Lights, cameras, celebration at Hudson

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Light show at Hudson Gardens warms holiday revelers

By Ramsey Scott

Walking in a winter wonderland took on a whole new meaning over the weekend as people braved the frigid temperatures to take in a Hudson Christmas at Hudson Gardens. 


The light show drew holiday revelers despite temperatures that hovered near zero during the evenings. But the cold weather was actually part of the appeal for some.

“We wanted to do something as a family for the holidays, and we figured there wouldn’t be a lot of people out tonight,” said Aimee Ingalls, who visited the gardens with her family on Dec. 7. “The purple-and-gold tree next to the lake — I wish I could take it home with me.”

Ingalls and her husband wanted to bring their two boys to the gardens to see the lights and visit Santa. In addition, the gardens have special meaning for the family. 

Ingalls’ mother passed away this year, and the family dedicated a tree at the gardens in her mother’s name and held a small ceremony in her honor.  

“We wanted to keep this place as special, especially for our kids,” Ingalls said. “We wanted to start making some holiday memories.”

While the cold kept the crowds small, the snow and frosty finery provided the perfect scenery for photography. 

Hot beverages were the anti-freeze antidote for a few of the celebrants.  

“It’s just so beautiful. It’s cold, but once we got some coffee in us, we said, ‘We can do this,’ ” said Misty Hunt. 

Hunt was with her parents and fiance on Dec. 7. The group was reviewing some of the photos they’d taken while thawing out in the gardens’ warming center. Hunt’s father, Ron Kerbo, said the gardens present the perfect opportunity for photography. 

“It’s just wonderful for photography. The ground and the water just reflect the lights perfectly,” said Kerbo, a local photographer. “And besides, if you’re going to visit Phoenix, you might as well visit it in the summer. If you’re going to visit Colorado, you got to visit when it’s winter.”

The event, which starting Friday is open every night from 5 to 8:30 p.m., costs $9 for adults and $6 for children. For more information, call 303-797-8565.


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