Littleton council finalizes marijuana rules

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Restrictions govern growing pot in homes

By Ramsey Scott

The Littleton City Council has finalized a set of rules for   growing marijuana in homes. 

The codes will allow personal-use marijuana to be grown in multifamily homes, a change made at the council’s Nov. 5 meeting. 

Under Amendment 64, Coloradans can have up to six marijuana plants, three in the flowering stage and three in the vegetative stage, in their homes. 

Littleton’s change to allow multifamily residences, like townhouses or apartment buildings, was due in part to a desire by the council members not to overreach in establishing local rules. 

Councilman Phil Cernanec, who voted for the moratorium on retail marijuana sales, said owners of apartments and townhomes should be the ones to determine restrictions. 

Mayor Debbie Brinkman voted against the change. 

The accepted proposal was one of several offered by Councilman Jim Taylor, who was participating in his last meeting. Taylor, who has been a strong proponent of the revenue potential of retail marijuana, was prevented by term limits from running for re-election in District 1. 

Taylor proposed increasing the area a homeowner could grow marijuana from 100 square feet to 150 square feet in single-family homes. People living in multifamily units would be limited to 100 square feet. 

He also proposed adding incandescent light bulbs to the list of approved light sources. 

Brinkman was joined by Councilman Bruce Beckman in voting against the increase in allowable space for growing plants. 

Under the approved codes, people growing marijuana in their homes must install a ventilation system to mitigate the smell. Also, the use of compressed, flammable gas to extract THC from marijuana is prohibited. 

Brinkman has been an outspoken opponent of retail marijuana sales and offered her own changes to the ordinances, seeking to keep grow set-ups out of auxiliary buildings such as sheds and greenhouses. 

Brinkman said during the debate on her proposal that she was concerned about the potential for burglaries if pot were grown in sheds. 

Brinkman’s proposal failed on a 3-4 vote, with council members Peggy Cole, Jerry Valdes, Beckman and Taylor voting no. 


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