Littleton to implement high-tech snow removal plan

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By Ramsey Scott

The city of Littleton has a new strategy for clearing the streets of snow this winter, along with a new snowplow and sander.

Now all it needs is some good directions. 

The plan has yet to be implemented while the city waits for a Garmin global positioning system to arrive. The GPS systems were supposed to arrive last year but are now scheduled to arrive early this year.

The systems will allow the city to see what streets have already been plowed and what areas still need work.

The new plan calls for trucks to work in pairs to clear the most heavily used streets, such as Littleton Boulevard, Bowles Avenue and Broadway. According to the city, the routes are designed to be finished within an hour and 45 minutes of when plows hit the streets. 

Once the main roads have been plowed, the trucks will then go to work clearing secondary streets. On secondary streets, the trucks will work solo. 

The goal of the new strategy is to ensure Littleton’s most heavily traveled roads will be cleared at the beginning of a snowstorm. 

In the recent citizen survey, snow removal was cited as an area that could use improvement.

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