Littleton joins nonprofit's anti-obesity campaign

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Initiative designed to help Colorado cities encourage heathy lifestyles

By Ramsey Scott

Littleton is breaking new ground as the first city to sign on to LiveWell Colorado Healthy Eating/Active Lifestyles Cities and Towns campaign.  

The HEAL campaign encourages cities in Colorado to focus on promoting healthy living through polices and outreach. The goal is to help reduce the state’s obesity rate, which has been climbing over the last several years.

For a city like Littleton, which has promoted activities like bicycling and walking, the campaign provides recognition and resources without creating additional costs, said Deputy City Manager Mike Braaten.

“It’s a recognition program. It helps to recognize what we are already doing or what we’ve slated to do in the coming years,” Braaten said. “The program itself will provide some technical assistance to ensure policies will meet the needs of the citizens in the way of healthy eating and active living.”

Exactly what form that assistance will take is not entirely clear, Braaten said, because the program is new. 

LiveWell Colorado is a nonprofit whose goal is to reduce obesity. The Littleton’s City Council voted 7-0 on April 2 to join the group’s campaign. 

Braaten, who sat on the advisory board for HEAL, said Littleton is ahead of the curve when it comes to many of the goals and initiatives HEAL promotes, including having a wellness program for city employees.

HEAL will let Littleton be recognized for the work it has done and plans to do to promote healthy lifestyles. That recognition not only benefits the city but also could enhance its ability to win grant funding.

“We have some potential to leverage what we’re doing and get some grant dollars to assist the community and achieve even more,” Braaten said.


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