Littleton police officer free on bond in drug case

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Cop accused of buying Ecstasy from FBI informant

By Ramsey Scott

A Littleton police officer who was arrested on suspicion of buying Ecstasy from an FBI informant is free on $100,000 bond.

The FBI arrested Jeffery Johnston at his home in Parker on July 19. According to the complaint against him, Johnston is suspected of purchasing about 16 grams of the drug MDMA, commonly referred to as Ecstasy, from an FBI informant for $1,300.

After Johnston was taken into custody, federal agents searching his home allegedly found suspected cocaine, suspected steroids, hundreds of suspected prescription pills, several firearms and ammunition, along with tools used to portion and distribute drugs.

In the complaint, the FBI said Johnston called a drug dealer who was acting as a confidential informant and asked him if he had any Ecstasy for sale. The informant reportedly told the FBI he had known Johnston for two years and on several occasions had been called by Johnston to provide drugs to party guests.

The complaint said the informant allegedly went to Johnston's house on July 19 and allegedly sold him 10 grams of MDMA in 37 pills and another 6 grams in powder form. The complaint said Johnston showed the informant how to use a tool to convert the powdered MDMA into pills.

After the transaction was completed, the FBI arrested Johnston.

Johnston is charged with one count of suspected possession of a mixture containing MDMA with the intent to distribute; one count of maintaining a suspected drug-involved home; one count of suspicion of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking crime; and one count of suspected use of a telephone for drug trafficking.

If convicted, Johnston could face up to 20 years for the distribution charge, up to 20 years for maintaining a drug residence, and from five to 20 years for the firearm charge.

While free on bond, Johnston is required to carry a GPS tracker and is confined to his home. He will be allowed to leave his home only to go to court-ordered treatment or for any employment he is able to find.

Johnston is on unpaid administrative leave from the Littleton Police Department. As part of his bond agreement, Johnston must report any contact with law enforcement.

Johnston joined the Littleton Police Department in 1991 and is a patrolman in the traffic division, said Littleton police Commander Trent Cooper. In the early 1990s, Johnston served on the South Metro Drug Task Force.

Cooper said it didn't appear the case was related to Johnston's position with the department.

"Police officers are human, and police officers make mistakes," Cooper said. "When police officers make decisions, they need to be held accountable just like everybody is and face the same consequences."

Johnston is due back in U.S. District Court on Friday for a status hearing on his case.

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