Local couple plan to open new music venue in South Jeffco

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By AJ Vicens

A Littleton couple are hoping to create a new three-stage music venue in South Jeffco that will focus on young people and families — and forsake alcoholic beverages.

Brian and Dama Robertson formerly owned and operated the Rock & Roll Grill, a downtown Denver venue with two stages between two floors.

"We sold that business, and we've been itching to do it again," Brian Robertson said. "But this time we want to do it right."

Enter the Vienna Music Venue, a reincarnation of the Rock & Roll Grill with less food, more music and a lot more space. The plan is to have three stages: one in a separate room for acoustic performers, and the other two in a large open area that could feature all types of music. The venue would provide ample security and try to attract several hundred kids and young adults every weekend with acts ranging from bluegrass to hip-hop. One band would play at a time — but there would always be some sounds to groove on.

"While one band is playing, the other is setting up," Robertson said. "That way you keep the night going."

Hoping to secure roughly 8,500 square feet, the couple are eyeing a space next to the Target Superstore on West Bowles Drive just west of Southwest Plaza. Brian Roberston said they're having problems agreeing on a lease with the building's owner and may have to find another spot. Their best-case scenario would have the venue open in 90 days.

"If it doesn't happen there, it'll happen somewhere," Robertson said.

Roberston said he and his wife are focused on creating a fun and safe place for South Jeffco youths to listen to their favorite bands.

"There's just nothing for kids around here to do," he said. "Everything is catered to the adult world."

He said the Rock & Roll Grill also provided a place for young people to gather and enjoy music but was too far away for South Jeffco kids.

"A lot of those parents wouldn't let their kids go downtown because it's downtown," he said. "I get that. Now there will be something down here."

Robertson said he might not even apply for a liquor license right away because he doesn't plan to serve alcohol regularly. The venue might host fund-raisers and invite bands that appeal to an older audience on specific nights targeted for those over 21. For the most part, though, it'll be an all-ages venue.

"It's a great reward to have a couple hundred kids around in a non-alcoholic environment," Roberston said. "Our goal is really to be a safe, fun place without the drinking."

He believes the venue would attract an array of bands because teens and young adults are groups typically spend money on band merchandise at concerts.

Robertson also wants to feature bands from the area.

"In Littleton, there's more talent than any other part of town, I swear," Robertson said. "Littleton, for whatever reason, has a ton of local talent."

Robertson said he and his wife both work other jobs.

"This isn't a moneymaker," he said, adding that the couple are putting up some of their own money but are also looking for local investors. They plan to sell spots on the inside walls that can be painted with a company's logo. They're also looking for local construction contractors that can work with them to get the venue off the ground.

"We're looking for anybody who wants to make a difference in kids' lives," Robertson said. "We want to make a difference. We want to be able to effect positive change in their lives."

Robertson said he and his wife focus on younger people because they still believe anything is possible.

"As older adults, we're a little set in our ways," he said. "Kids aren't. Kids are willing to make a difference. There's a lot we can do with them."

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Brian and Dama Robertson are looking to open the Vienna Music Venue as a youth-oriented, non-alcoholic music venue. To learn more about the project or to get involved, visit www.viennamsuicvenue.com, or call 720-224-4131.