New EHS principal glad to be back in state

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Alsup pledges to maintain high achievement levels among students, staff

By Deb Hurley Brobst

Evergreen High School’s new principal is happy to be back home.

Ryan Alsup, a Colorado native, spent the last three years as principal at Juneau-Douglas High School in Juneau, Alaska. He was hired in May to replace Matt Walsh, who had been EHS’s principal for five years. Walsh has taken a position at the district level in the new School Innovation and Effectiveness Division.

Alsup grew up outside Larkspur, graduated from Douglas County schools, taught social studies, and was an administrative dean and assistant principal there. He also coached high school football.

He commented that extended family members didn’t make the trip to Alaska very often to visit, but they have no problem making the drive to Evergreen.

Alsup, his wife and two daughters have settled in a home in Sun Ridge, just north of Kittredge. His wife, Jenny, is a school counselor. Ellie, 12, is an eighth-grader at Evergreen Middle, and Carlie, 8, is a fourth-grader at Wilmot Elementary.

“We’re loving (living here),” Alsup said. “We’re excited about the year.”

Alsup considers his mission to get to know the EHS staff and students, and to make sure the school maintains its high achievement status.

“My philosophy,” he said, “is not to make huge waves, but I will be looking at what works well and what needs to be worked on. We can always get better. To use a football analogy, even if we win the state championship or the Super Bowl, we still can improve.”

The big challenge will be implementing the district’s teacher effectiveness requirements that are based on Senate Bill 191, which takes effect this school year. Teachers statewide will be evaluated on their teaching effectiveness, which includes their students’ standardized test scores.

To evaluate teaching effectiveness, the district is implementing a program called Instructional Rounds, which instructs teachers and administrators on how to do peer evaluations.

“This is one of the best ways to improve student learning,” Alsup said. “My goal is to have (peer evaluations) so embedded that the staff will have their own instructional rounds that will improve their teaching effectiveness.”

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