No foundation for her story

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By The Staff

SOUTH JEFFCO — One South Jeffco woman apparently had so much on her mind Aug. 1 that she was oblivious to her own attempt to swipe makeup from the King Soopers on West Belleview Avenue. A deputy responded to the store shortly before noon that day on a theft report. The store's security guard said he watched the woman through the surveillance system grab a Maybelline product, carry it to a different part of the store and put it in her purse. The 48-year-old woman, with nary a blush, said it was all a mistake. "That was an accident," the accidental thief said. "I have so much on my mind." She had even more on her mind as she left the store with a summons for theft and a court date in hand.

Blood, sweat and a pool of tears

SOUTH JEFFCO — Blood, empty beer cans and pool furniture in the pool greeted the manager of the Woodbourn Pool when she came to work on Aug. 3. She told a deputy that, sometime between 9 p.m. Aug. 2 and 5:30 a.m. Aug. 3, somebody entered the pool area at 11000 W. Rowland Drive and tossed the pool furniture into the water, causing one of the tables to bend. She soon noticed the blood, empty beer cans and cups scattered about the pool area. When she came to work the day before, somebody had thrown all the pool chairs into the water. The damp and dastardly vandals did not leave any beer cans or DNA behind during the first transgression, and there was no evidence to collect from the second — it had all been cleaned up. So deputies were at a loss in attempting to identify suspects.