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Board majority disregarding community


Parents and citizens of Jefferson County ought to feel outraged at the recent actions of the new majority members of the school board. Let’s see. What’s happened so far this year?

• A decision to provide all-day, paid kindergarten at Lasley Elementary in Jeffco is on the chopping block, something parents and community members of this county had already voted on and approved.

• School board majority members are disregarding community input on qualifications for the new superintendent.

As a citizen of Jefferson County, I am deeply concerned by these actions by the majority members of this school board.

We must stand up for kids! We must do what’s best for our children and grandchildren!

Let’s go to every school board meeting in huge numbers as concerned parents and citizens of Jefferson County, and demand that our community’s wishes are honored regarding the future of our schools.

Tom Boone, Lakewood

GOP seeks to pave way for good-ol’-boy candidate for sheriff


“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is evidenced by the stunts pulled by the Jefferson County GOP on March 22 at the Republican Assembly. The Republican establishment did its best to derail any opposition to its good-ol’-boy candidate in the sheriff’s race. Shame on you, GOP.

As a former high school teacher of American government, I was saddened to see the “machine” in action. For many years, I taught my students that representative government works in a way that fairly represents the people.

The powers-that-be showed me that they will do whatever it takes to win, and those who challenge their plan don’t deserve to be dealt with fairly.

When the names of those participating in the sheriff’s race were called, they were not called alphabetically; this was not a mistake. They wanted their candidate to have the perceived advantage of being called first, and so it was to be, regardless of the rules.

This is the type of behavior that discourages participation and helps to fuel the fervor of the Tea Party and third parties. Jeffco Republicans need to stand up and choose the best candidate for these races, and not be swayed by the establishment.

Lisa Mumma, South Jefferson County