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Community sponsors needed for community event
Thank you for helping us announce to the community the exciting return of the Red, White & You event to Clement Park on July 1.
Because of the financial challenges that the Foothills Park & Recreation District has been facing since 2008 after a failed mill-levy election, the decision was made to cancel the event because the district could no longer afford to provide funding.
However, in the spirit of being creative and finding new ways to provide programs and services, the district has collaborated with the Foothills Foundation to bring back this event, which has been missed by many in the community. If the community successfully steps up to provide the much-needed funding, the district will be providing only in-kind planning and coordination support, and the community, in essence, will be providing this event for itself.
We want to graciously thank and acknowledge the community businesses that have recognized the importance of community and have committed to sponsoring Red, White & You 2011 thus far: the Foothills Foundation, Bellco Credit Union, Tony’s Market, Alpine Buick GMC, IHOP, FirstBank, Concordia on the Lake, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Wells Fargo Bank, Miller Heiman Inc., ARC Thrift Stores, American Family Insurance/Michelle Bradley Agency, Blaster Bouncer Jumping Castles Inc., and Sign-a-Rama — Lakewood. As the article stated, the district is actively seeking additional sponsors to help complete the remaining balance that will supplement revenues received from vendor and booth fees. If you or your company would like to support the return of Red, White & You in 2011, please contact Kate Dragoo at kate@fhprd.org or 303-409-2525 for sponsorship information.
We are very proud to have created such a popular family event, and we want to continue to see it grow; however, in these hard economic times, the district could not continue to financially support the price tag a free event like this costs. This is an excellent opportunity for the community to take pride and provide this event for itself. We’re still looking for community business sponsorships or donations from community members to complete our total sponsorship goals, and we are confident that this great community will step up for this wonderful patriotic event.
Ronald Hopp
executive director
Foothills Park & Recreation District

End the tyranny of Trail Club
“There is something rotten in Ken-Caryl.” It is a well-organized Trail Club that has systematically over the last seven years gained control of the Open Space Committee and the Mater Association board. Even though candidates (Kasson and Jordan) won the 2010 MA Board election, receiving 600-plus votes, the rest of the MA board (five members of Trail Club) refused to accept that there was a large contingent of residents that did not support the development of K-C backcountry. The outcome of the election should have opened the door for compromise, but it did not. Every resolution to conduct a resident survey or slow down the backcountry trail process was voted down 5-2.
The 2011 election becomes crucial to the preservation of K-C backcountry. Visit the website WeAreKenCaryl.org and educate yourself. You will see the word “Home,” and under it “Memorandum.”
Read this “Memorandum.” It was written by Gary Norton in 2009 before the Trails Master Plan was passed. Norton is a full-time staff ranger with a degree in professional resource management who has been employed by this community for more than 10 years. The information in the memo was suppressed and ignored along with repeated requests by Don Kellet, resident and wildlife biologist, to halt the development of our pristine backcountry. Norton gives his professional opinion on the negative ecological and financial impacts of the TMP. After ignoring his recommendations, the MA board passed a resolution to spend $40,000 to hire Architerra, an outside firm, to develop the TMP, and the MA board ultimately passed this TMP. In July 2009, on the front page of the local paper Life at Ken-Caryl was the following quote: “The goal is for the TMP to be a blueprint for the future and a guide to management and maintenance of the trails that exist today.” Even though “a majority of those speaking (at the meeting) were opposed to the addition of any new trails,” one month later, the MA board passed the complete TMP without compromise without omitting the development of sensitive backcountry areas, ignoring Norton’s expertise. Even after Kasson and Jordan were elected in 2010, the MA board (a.k.a., Trail Club members) refused to compromise and continued their mission to develop Docman Gulch and other sensitive areas. The following are quotes from Norton’s summary: “I feel strongly and totally object to a plan that contains alignments drafted by members of the Trail Club. None of these members have experience in this process, and this totally ignores the expertise on staff. … The complete disregard for basic trail design and ecological resource value is alarming … enacting this plan would be a great mistake and not in the best interest of the Ken-Caryl Ranch community.”
“There is something rotten in Ken-Caryl.” Vote and support Kane, Phillips and Wellborn to preserve the “crown jewels” of Ken-Caryl.
Katherine Webster