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By The Staff

League of Women Voters opposes 60, 61 and 101


This letter is written in opposition to three fiscal ballot issues, 60, 61 and 101, which will be on the November ballot. The League of Women Voters is recommending that voters in Jefferson County vote no on each of these measures.

The league is a nonpartisan organization that never supports or opposes a political candidate. We do, however, take positions on policy issues after our members have completed careful studies and have reached a consensus at the grassroots level. This year, Colorado Leagues of Women Voters are united with numerous other statewide organizations in strong opposition to these measures. 60 and 61 are Amendments to the Colorado Constitution, and as such become nearly impossible to modify should unforeseen conditions, like the current recession, make flexibility necessary. Proposition 101 is a change to state law. While these measures appeal to some because of their attempt to lower taxes, if implemented they would, over time, not just decrease government but actually disable it. They drastically damage our communities by significantly cutting revenues to all levels of government, including state, county, city, fire department, water and sewer district, school district, library district and every other government entity in Colorado. They take decision-making away from local voters and move it to a one-size-fits-all mandate at the state level.

JoAnne Rock and Karil Frohboese

co-presidents, League of Women Voters of Jefferson County

Buck flip-flops to win votes


I am hoping that your newspaper will not dismiss Ken Buck’s initial stand on the victims of rape and incest. He is changing his stand of late to win votes, and at what cost to women? Does he really understand a woman’s right to choose?

Somehow I doubt it. He is a dangerous candidate and one that Colorado just cannot afford. Other states are laughing at the political climate here!

Karen Greenhalgh


Story was unfair to Summers


I was extremely disappointed in the recent article in the Columbine Courier regarding Rep. Ken Summers, in the issue dated Aug. 25. The reporter, Emile Hallez Williams, seems to take a personal affront to parts of a recent interview with Rep. Summers, and the tone of the article is one of trying to discredit him and his work with Teen Challenge, with the obvious implication that Summers is not qualified to serve in the Colorado House.

Williams accuses Summers of “failing to disclose” some aspects of this group’s work, including reparative therapy. From the accusatory tone of the article, one gets the impression that, if indeed Summers “sidestepped” a question regarding types of services provided at Teen Challenge, he could see the reporter’s bias and didn’t see a point in discussing it. One also wonders if Summers “failed to disclose” other things too, such as what he had for breakfast that morning, or what color socks he was wearing.

The reporter says that reparative therapy is controversial, which I take to mean there are differing opinions about it, but the reporter then goes to great length to discredit it, using an “expert” on youth. Apparently the only opinion that matters is that of the reporter and his chosen expert, as no other views are provided.

Conspicuously absent from this article is an interview with anyone who has actually been through Teen Challenge’s programs and has been helped by them. The reporter didn’t have any trouble finding experts to support his personal views, so one would think he could have found someone to present another side of the story. If the reporter is having trouble finding such sources, I would be glad to help. There are also several books published by people who have left the gay lifestyle, with help from reparative therapy, but I guess the reporter “failed to disclose” any of them. It appears to me that the reporter “sidestepped” the opportunity to present differing points of view, as they don’t seem to fit her agenda.

The Columbine Courier has done a good job in the past covering such topics as the Fun City controversy and some of the shenanigans that have occurred in Jefferson County government. It’s too bad the paper chose to publish this article and, thereby, tarnish its reputation.

I have met Rep. Summers only one time briefly, but I am familiar with his work as my representative, and I believe he supports the same values and beliefs as I and many others share. He has represented our district well in the Colorado House, and I will be proud to cast my vote in November for Rep. Ken Summers.

Jeff Williams


Buck can’t be trusted on issue of woman’s right to choose


Colorado has a history of supporting a woman’s right to choose. Ken Buck has said he does not believe in this right, even in the case of rape or incest. Now he is backing off, but he said what he said. What does he believe? He cannot be trusted with important decisions.

Patricia Mesec