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Jeffco schools should save Outdoor Labs, find other areas to make cuts
Of all the cuts that Jeffco Schools can make, I find it hard to believe that suspending the Outdoor Lab Program is a best option. When you look at all the waste and unnecessary positions within the Jeffco school district, I am appalled that you would choose to single out this amazing program.
This has been a major part of the sixth-grade experience and a rite of passage for more than 6,000 students in the past 10 years. If you were keeping the students’ education at the top of your list, then why would you cut such a valuable and unique experience? We have had two children who attended this program and have come back from this experience enriched educationally as well as emotionally. We have a fifth-grader who has been looking forward to attending outdoor lab in 2011-12. This is truly a valuable teaching forum. I think Jeffco has lost sight of the true goal of elementary school and that is to enrich mind, body and spirit.
Lynn Shearet
Stony Creek Elementary parent

Members of Congress should grow up and pass a budget
An open letter to all of the members of the 112th Congress:
As a Coloradan, I am apppalled at the behavior of Congress. This includes all of you! Stop playing chicken with America. Not passing a budget during the 111th Congress, of which many of you were a part, was bad enough. Now, we’re 50 percent of the way into the fiscal year and still no budget. Threatening a government shutdown is childish and shows complete disregard for the position you were elected to hold.
Children in preschool work better together than the current U.S. Congress!
They are taught that compromise, where you win some and I win some, is the only way to get things done. This incessant partisanship, veiled threats, and “pick up my ball and go home” mentality continues to convince me that the currrent Congress is hopeless and members care less about America and more for their own re-election future.
I worked for more than 30 years as a federal employee. If at any time I had threatened my co-workers, proposed ideas that would disrupt work, failed to do my job, talked badly of management, or failed to get along with my colleagues because of personal preferences, I would have been sent home, reprimanded and terminated. Why is is that Congress can get away with it, but that working Americans (regardless of private or public sector) cannot? Because the majority of Americans know how to perform professionally, and truly need their jobs. It’s apparent Congress does neither!
Stop the madness, be a leader, and stop putting America’s hindside out there for the world to kick. What amazes me is that there is revolution around the globe where people are overthrowing their governments in favor of democracy. Your actions in Congress are sure showing them what a model democracy we are, aren’t they?
Put aside your personal and party preferences and pass a budget! Shutting down the government isn’t the answer, nor is cutting millions and continuing to give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations making billions. If you could set aside your hatred for the current administration or the opposing party long enough to shake off your “party” hat, perhaps you’d be able to start seeing options instead of roadblocks.
I’m embarrassed for our country when 535 men and women are holding America hostage. Stop the madness today. Pass a budget. For every minute you waste, the government spends millions to develop plans to counter the crisis — more money going nowhere. I am holding you responsible.
Patt Frank
Jefferson County