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Kerr, Kopp unresponsive to concerns about gun bill, other legislation
It was very disappointing to see Columbine’s state representative, Jim Kerr, vote for a bill that would have eliminated the need for law-abiding citizens to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Under current law, to get a permit one must pass a background check, go through four hours of gun-safety training and pay a fee. A sheriff can still deny a permit under certain circumstances. The shooter in Tucson, for example, showed numerous signs of problems but could pass a background check. He could be denied a permit in Colorado, but in Arizona he could carry a concealed weapon because it doesn’t require one.
Kerr voted for a bill that would throw away Colorado’s safety and responsibility measures and make us like Arizona. This bill was so extreme and irresponsible that even the NRA didn’t testify in favor of it!
Weeks ago I called Kerr before the vote and urged his no vote and asked that he call me about the bill. After the vote, my neighbor called Kerr and asked why he supported it. Neither of us ever heard from him.
I also e-mailed state Sen. Mike Kopp about this bill and about a couple of issues not related to guns. When I got no response after weeks, I sent the message through surface mail. Still no response. I think I see a pattern here.
Do others hear back from them? Or do we get a response only if we completely agree with our elected representatives?
Tom Mauser
father of Columbine victim Daniel Mauser