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Who are the suckers?
I feel compelled to respond to a couple of letters that referred to me by name. One writer, in reference my objection to raising taxes, said: “There is not just a lack of compassion going on here; we’re being played for suckers, too.” In fact, just the opposite is the case. It is those politicians who promise us that more government spending will improve our lives who are playing us for suckers.
I should also point out that government largesse makes real compassion impossible. Giving to those in need is only charitable if it is done voluntarily. To the degree that government drains the pocketbooks of individuals, it takes money that people could have donated to charities out of the goodness of their hearts.
Another writer said the lesson to be drawn from my letter is that “the wealthy give us miserable middle-class dopes our jobs.” No, my point was that employers and employees exist in a mutually beneficial relationship, and that calling for higher taxes on employers is actually harmful to employees, too. So, the kind of class-warfare rhetoric displayed above is exactly what we should attempt to avoid.
Darrell Hougen

Freedom demands a moral code
By the celebratory tone of the headline, “N.Y. legalizes gay marriage” in the Denver Post, on June 25, you’d think a heinous moral wrong was finally being righted. But by whose standard?
When John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other,” he was referring to a biblical standard. The founding fathers understood that truly free people must exhibit moral— i.e., Christian — self-restraint.
Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” Casting off biblical morality invites rebellion, which leads to tyranny.
Dan Griffiths

Horse poop is also a problem
It was curious to read about the problem of dog waste and wonder why there was no mention of horse waste. Shouldn’t “clean up after your animals” apply to horse owners too?
All feces contain bacteria that can contaminate groundwater, but horse feces also contain seeds from weeds that horses eat, thereby spreading weed seeds everywhere they are deposited. No wonder there is a noxious weed problem in Jeffco. And why are horse owners allowed to clean out their trailers in Open Space parking areas? Shouldn’t the “leave no trace” policy apply to everyone?  
One large pile of horse poop is more unsightly than 10 piles of dog poop. And horse poop is always right on the trails where bike riders have to ride  through it. Dog poop is seldom on the trail and, unless flagged, it remains unseen until it biodegrades (yes, all feces biodegrade). If there is no poop fairy for dogs, neither is there one for horses.
Lynda Drewry
Jefferson County