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A ‘Colossus’ waste of money
I know it is the wrong word, but it is so appropriate that I just had to use it. Doesn’t it remind you of a giant marble statue used to deify some ancient ruler? Well, that is what the crosswalk at Wadsworth and Bowles is: a $3.5 million waste of taxpayer money.
Please, please drive over and take a look at this colossal waste of money. Park on the east side, and marvel at the stupidity. Note there are four long flights of stairs to the walkway. They are barely accessible to the healthiest walker. The alternative gently sloping ramp extends 60 yards to the north, and cannot be reached from the parking lot, which is adjacent to a number of vacant stores. From the parking lot in front of the only occupied space, it is a 120-yard hike northwest to the ramp entrance, a 60-yard ramp, a 50-yard bridge, and another 60-yard long ramp to get to the sidewalk on the west side of Wadsworth. Then it is another 125 yards to the Southwest Plaza entrance.
Can you see the absurdity of this colossal waste of money? Do you know anyone who will walk 415 yards to get to a parking lot on the other side of Wadsworth? It is a rhetorical question.
The politicians will defend this stupid walkway with all of their energy. They did a “study,” after all.
Just remember, when the bridge is used over the next 10 years, by the 3,127 people who will actually use this colossal waste of money, that the cost per trip was $1,108. We could have hired a limo company to drive people across Wadsworth for that cost. Ten years of limo service would have been full-time employment for at least seven people. Did they consider this?
As a full disclosure, these are estimates by me, completed without a $250,000 taxpayer-funded “study” of the foot traffic trying to cross Wadsworth.
And, just to leave you with something to consider: If these wasteful politicians can support this colossal waste of money for a pedestrian bridge to a nearly empty parking lot, they can justify another bridge and another and another. We, the taxpayers, will be so broke, we will not be able to afford fuel for our cars, and we will be forced to take the pedestrian bridges. It is a good thing there will be so many of them.
Randy Brown