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Clean energy creates jobs
Clean energy is the best way to create jobs we need, and we need jobs now. Clean energy, like solar power, is already putting people to work — there are more than 5,500 solar companies employing more than 100,000 Americans in regions throughout the country — and the industry is one of the few American industries that is actually growing.
Investments in solar create seven times more jobs than investments in old and dirty energy such as coal. Politicians can talk about creating jobs all they like, but the ones who are actually working to address the unemployment rate are the ones who are calling for more investments in clean energy like solar power.
Ambrey Nichols

School budget cuts demand knowledgeable approach
When I was campaigning for the Jefferson County school board, one of my first requests was to see the budget. I was supplied with a 2-inch-thick document built on government accounting principles. In a year where the potential cuts will be at least $35 million, it is essential that school board candidates become familiar with the budget. The separate funds required by the state and federal government cannot be swapped out to pay for a pet project. Nor can the district ignore agreements or grant requirements to fund non-evidence-based experiments.
Jeffco schools offered citizens a chance to become knowledgeable about the budget in six two-hour sessions known as the Citizens Budget Academy. One hundred participants learned about the intricacies of the budget. This group, along with school-based advisory boards, will help make recommendations for the next round of cuts.
Sue Marinelli
former school board member

We need a ‘Vacations Bill’
Sadly, it would appear President Obama has disappointed again. His obsession with creating jobs — i.e. work — flies in the face of what we liberals stand for. Remember when computer technology was predicted to deliver us a three- or four-day work week? One would have thought shipping all of our jobs overseas would have provided all the more reason to work less, not more.
Obama has already spent over a trillion dollars to make more work for us. His predecessor, Bush, kicked in $700 billion for the same reason. Imagine how that money could have been better used to lessen the burden we carry in unreasonable workloads, overbearing deadlines, boorish teleconferences and innane diversity training workshops.
Now Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy so he can spend even more to chain our sorry butts to the office cubicle while he and Michelle live it up at Martha’s Vineyard and Camp David. Instead of pandering a “Jobs Bill,” why not deliver to the endentured masses a “Vacations Bill?”
The way I figure it, $2-plus trillion ought to be sufficient to give every working American 12 weeks of paid vacation per year. And what a boost for the economy, as with all the extra free time, we will for certain blow all of our extra cash on unnecessary excesses. It’s time for liberals far and wide to stand up against Obama’s twisted manifesto known as the “Jobs Bill” and demand he submit to the U.S. Congress a long-overdue Vacations Bill.
David Stahl
Idaho Springs