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Library seeks help from Jeffco residents
To Jefferson County residents:
Recently, Jefferson County Public Library announced a change to its 2012 hours of operation in response to budget challenges. These are tough times for the library!
Since 2008, the library’s revenue has declined by $3.4 million. In 2012, we need to cut $2 million of operating cost to balance the library’s budget. We’ll do that by reducing service hours, eliminating a number of positions, trimming our investment in books and materials, and further reducing administrative costs.
We remain committed to delivering quality library programs that support early literacy, education, technology access and training, employment, economic development, and lifelong learning — but we need your help. Your contribution to the Jefferson County Library Foundation will help support essential library programs such as our Early Literacy Storytimes, Summer Reading Club, Traveling Children’s Library, Culture Pass program and more.
You can donate online at www.jeffco
libraryfoundation.org, or we can accept your cash or check donation at any of our library locations. All contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible.
As the economy improves, we hope to restore service hours, expand our investment in technology and programming, build new libraries, increase staff and give Jefferson County residents the library they want and deserve. We hope we can count on your support both now and in the future.
Pam Nissler
acting executive director
Jefferson County Public Library

The Bridge to Nowhere, Part 3
The story about the pedestrian bridge over Wadsworth just gets more and more interesting.
It turns out that the “study” to determine whether the bridge was needed cost the county $385,000. Yes, $385,000.
It cost $385,000 just to determine if the bridge was needed at all, and we now know that they were going to build the bridge regardless of what the study said.
I would have completed that unnecessary study for $300. I could have saved them $384,700 with just one phone call.
I wish they would call me first. Darn.
Then I got to thinking: I have missed the entire point of the bridge and the wasted money. Bear with me for just a few lines.
Let’s guess that there are four projects like this in Colorado. Four projects that cost $11.5 million each, that are not needed and are wasteful spending.
Now let’s just assume that this is true all over the country. There are four projects in every state in this country, costing $11.5 million each, that are completely unnecessary.
That is a total of $2.3 billion that is being wasted on stupid, unnecessary projects, built just to spend federally mandated/ designated money.
Wasted projects using our tax money, supporting developers and commercial construction companies, at the expense, literally, of the taxpayers.
Want to balance the budget? Here is a $2.3 billion beginning. Cancel all of these unnecessary projects. Then go look for other cuts in the federal budget that are just as obvious. A bridge to nowhere here, and a road to nowhere somewhere else, and pretty soon you are talking billions of dollars.
The next time you drive by this bridge to nowhere, realize that this wasteful bridge is one of the reasons that our government is trillions in debt, and we are allowing it by not fighting the wasteful spending right here and right now.
Just think: The money saved just by canceling the “studies” for these projects would be $77,000,000. Yes, $77 million. Perhaps the problem is that no one in Jefferson County or in Washington owns a calculator.
One final remark: Thanks so much to this wonderful newspaper for having the courage and the civic responsibility to print these articles. They have been amazing. They are the reason there is a television investigation in progress, and the reason hundreds of you wrote in e-mails to the County.
An informed public can change this wasteful spending. Keep sending those e-mails, and you should go to some meetings too.
Balancing the budget starts right here, right now.
Randy Brown