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Taxpayer funds should be used more wisely than in pursuing ‘The Great Gatorade Heist’
About a month ago on a Friday night, my wife and I looked out the front of our home to see two Jefferson County police vehicles with their lights flashing. After watching a while and seeing no ambulance on the scene, we realized no one was hurt, and it was none of our business.
We did observe several teenagers who were being detained for something that must have been in violation of the law. We looked out from time to time to see if the event was over. It continued for about 90 minutes. Cars were arriving as parents picked up their children after having a conversation with the officers on the scene. We were, of course, curious as to what happened.
Recently I met the father of one of the teenagers involved, who lives next door, while we were raking leaves. I will have to refer to the incident as “The Great Gatorade Heist.” It appears that there was a “theft” of an eight-pack of Gatorade from the porch of a resident on the next block. A group of teenagers were walking through the neighborhood, observed the Gatorade on the porch, and made a bad decision to help themselves and have a drink. It was Gatorade, not alcohol. It was stealing, but it was also under $5.
A neighbor called in the report, which was responded to by Jefferson County sheriff’s officers. After being contacted the next day, the owners of the Gatorade chose not to press charges, and found several eight-packs of Gatorade to replace what was “stolen,” as well as apologies from the offenders and their parents.
I know common sense has almost been eliminated from this society, and this is a classic example. I would prefer my tax dollars being spent for several hours of police work for something more serious. I also know I don’t control how taxes are spent. I would like to think that Jefferson County has all of the drug issues resolved in our schools, and this is all they have left to do to keep themselves occupied. But, I know this is not true.
This makes me think I live in Mayberry, and Barney Fife has not retired yet.
Jim Riss
Southwest Jeffco