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‘Progressivism’ is leading to a national decline
Our two major parties’ “progressivism” creates huge problems for America. Progressives are convinced we must “progress” beyond the “ill-conceived and long outdated U.S. Constitution” to make “progress” toward a benevolent one-world government and workers’ utopia (online statements taken from videotaping of CPUSA speeches and other progressive organizations). Progressivism’s $15 quadrillion debt and $116 quadrillion in unfunded entitlement obligations (combined 2.6 times total world GDP) have sabotaged us and decimated the America we’ll pass off to children and grandchildren.
Key villains are left-wing Democrats creating/expanding a welfare state since 1933 and progressive Republicans consistently abetting the Dems. Meanwhile, the entire GOP has less successfully backed the “warfare state” (military-industrial complex). Progressive Dems (with the current Defense Department cuts, defense spending slides to 4.5 perecent of federal outlay from a high of 11.2 percent) have proven stronger. Welfare and Warfare excesses come via crushing debt. Though the Constitution actually does charge the federal government with national defense (no right to welfare), the founders never intended national defense to include military bases in 188 separate nations. Together the rascals have done us in.
Anti-constitutionalism also robs us of our freedoms: while the president and his lackey Attorney General Eric Holder refuse to plug our sieve-like Southern border, under the new National Defense Authorization Act, U.S. military forces have the power to spy and execute domestic anti-terrorism operations upon U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Since everyone criticizing presidential policies is labeled a racist, a fascist or other kind of extremist — soon mere honest blog-writers and penners of letters to the editor may well fit Obama’s definition of “domestic terrorists.” They’ve removed the term “radical Islamic terrorist” from the national vocabulary for political incorrectness; now the Fort Hood shooting is literally considered “workplace violence” … how long till you and I become the new terrorists?
Robert Velasquez VanDeHey

Deputies must respond to Gatorade, serious crimes with equal vigor
Jim Riss (“The great Gatorade heist,” Dec. 7) is apparently unaware that when the police receive a citizen complaint, they must respond. It is that simple. It is not up to the dispatcher or deputies to decide which calls they will answer, nor can they always know the actual seriousness of the circumstances, and that’s a good thing.
The next call Mr. Riss might think a waste of taxpayers’ money could be his.
Carolyn S. Bredenberg