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Pentagon budget shouldn’t be immune from federal cutbacks
I noted that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been bragging about cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 billion over 10 years. This is much less than was agreed upon just recently when the president ordered a $1 trillion cut in the budget.
At a time when budgets are tight, and programs and services in our community are being cut, the Pentagon budget keeps getting bigger. The secretary of defense announced earlier this year that he plans to slow the rate of growth for the Pentagon budget, but even under this proposal, in 10 years the Pentagon budget would still be bigger than it is today.
I hope that Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall will stick with the current law, which requires the Pentagon to cut its budget by nearly $1 trillion over the next decade — twice what the secretary is proposing.
Over the last decade, the Pentagon budget has grown by 100 percent. Some of that growth was to pay for the wars, but a lot of it went right into the Pentagon budget. Right now, we are all having to cut back. The Pentagon should have to as well. The wars are winding down. Why do they think they need so much of our tax money?
Laura Avant

South Jeffco’s voice at federal level was splintered by redistricting
Jefferson County has had some very important changes that affect South Jeffco voters. Did you know that Diana DeGette is now going to be your voice at the federal level? The new Jefferson County representatives have a history of voting for tax increases and increased business regulations.
Jefferson County has been divided up so we have no voice at the national level. Why does the Colorado Supreme Court or the redistricting boards think people that live in and around downtown Denver have the same areas of interest as those of us in the Ken Caryl area? Perhaps Northglenn and Grant Ranch have more in common? But then again, Morrison and Boulder have many common areas of interest. South Jeffco has been divided up like a jigsaw puzzle.
It is unfortunate that we have lost our voice as a whole. However, we as citizens can make our voice heard by contacting our representative.
Loren Bauman
candidate for the state House