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City of Golden is right to oppose development of parkway
The promoters of excessive growth along the Front Range couldn’t get their beltway one way, so now they are trying to introduce a bill into the state legislature that will bully Golden into accepting a highway through the town. Like all major highways, it will bypass the central business district, condemn people’s property, create environmental damage, increase local traffic and air pollution, and, on top of that, force people to use a toll road just to get out of town. Additionally, it will doubtless usurp pretty Colorado Highway 93 and deprive those of us south of Golden of a free western route north.
Don’t the beltway boosters realize that all the recent studies on the subject show that adding highway lanes only increases congestion? People who are paying attention realize that fuel prices are not going to go down. They are looking at shorter commutes, not longer ones. The suburban sprawl model of growth is no longer the way to a good future.
Of course, this is all being done in the name of the “economy”, which sounds inclusive of all of us, but isn’t. The “economy” in the neighborhoods near C-470 has not improved from its being there. All it has done is grown shopping malls and more housing developments along its route. The traffic that uses it wouldn’t be there if the development it caused wasn’t there. In addition, it has added to air pollution rather than relieved it, and when there is an accident on the highway, people go around it by driving through our communities.
Besides, C470 is presently free to use! How long will that last? Should the beltway boosters get their way, many communities like ours will be strangled unless we are able to pay tolls. In these tough times, with so many residents of older neighborhoods facing retirement, that is not an option.
It’s about time that all Coloradans look at the quality of life we stand to lose rather than some vague promises of bucks that such growth supposedly will add to our “economy.” I seriously doubt it will make anyone rich except those who plan to build around it. Contact your legislator and ask them to reject this bill as soon as it is introduced.
In the meantime, Golden, stand your ground!
Carolyn S. Bredenberg